Fixed Thermostat

A fixed thermostat is used as a safety device to prevent overheating. Operating only at specific temperatures, a fixed thermostat can be manufactured in two different types: a manual reset type and automatic reset type. Easy to install and use, it is usually less affected by changes in the surrounding environment and can be applied for various devices with a maximum temperature of up to 350°C (662°F) and an electric rating of up to 20 Amperes

Principle of Operation

The automatic reset type operates through liquid expansion. When the bulb detects the heat, the liquid medium expands, widening the gap of the diaphragm gap through the capillary tube, opening and closing the switch contact with the expansion energy. With the manual reset type, a user must press the reset button to restart the thermostat since the power will be cut off when the set temperature is reached.


A fixed thermostat can be used as a secondary safety device for all products that use a thermostat. It is mainly applied to devices that require safety management or products with an upper and lower temperature limits.

Uses include:

- Commercial Kitchen Equipment
- Heating & Cooling Applications
- Industrial Equipment

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